Everything Has Changed – A Reflection in the Time of Coronavirus by Michelle Rego

Everything has changed.
Life is slower, but refreshed.
The skies are clear, crisp, unclogged, as are the roads.
There is no need to rush, there is nowhere to be,
There is nothing to possess, nothing to manipulate, nothing to acquire.
No one omitted from this new order, and there is also no one who can control it.
All we can do, have to do, will do, is stay in place, and wait.

God is aware and is present to us in the midst of this shift in being,
God is not deaf to the cry of those who are ill, who are dying, or have died.
To the naïve, it seems like God cares little, but to the ones who can see through disbelief,
Love is blooming, and that Love will see us through to the end, whatever that end might be.

So, rest in the palm of God’s hand,
Thank God for anything good and that comes your way.
Lift your head up, and try to see what lies beyond the atmosphere, what lies beyond what humans have made…and then look into your own heart, where all truth is found.

In that place, deep within, is the Answer, is the Comfort, is the Healing, and the Everlasting.
In that place, God lives…and all we need is there.

Lead another to the place of Great Love.
Then, lead another, until all of us are united, not in a new world of chaos,
but in a new world where all partake, all are giving, and all will stay in place in Love forever.

Everything will indeed have changed…

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