Statement of Peace and Solidarity from Interfaith Tampa Bay

Interfaith Tampa Bay seeks to foster safe spaces, where we work together for justice in our communities. We believe that unjust killings by the police are symptoms of deeper problems, and that we need to work for equity in education, housing, political access, and economic empowerment if we are to see a truly just multi-racial society. We stand with our faith and community leaders in recognizing the right of all to be heard in the political process by peaceful assembly and protest. Our deep concern is that the commitment to the work of justice would continue after this crisis has passed.

Interfaith Tampa Bay, being rooted in the traditions of many faiths, and in those with no faith who recognize our shared humanity, unequivocally denounces racism in all its forms. We specifically denounce abuses by police officers and sheriffs’ departments in unequal treatment of citizens of color. From unequal enforcement to unjust killings, we recognize that the racist system which founded American policing has not been rooted out. We join with those who seek justice nationwide in their call for substantial reforms to the practices of hiring, training, deploying, monitoring, disciplining, and removing law enforcement officers. We also call for reforms to the laws which make it too difficult to charge and convict police in cases of brutality and egregious misconduct. You can join us in this work by contacting or visiting our website,

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