Doctor Doral Pulley, at the January Interfaith Breakfast, posed this question for discussion: “How can we, the interfaith community, continue the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King?” The answers and insights were as varied as our membership. Here are some of the inspiring responses:

  • We can reconnect with our past, our legacy, and with those who have been engaged in interfaith and interracial collaboration since before Dr. Martin Luther King. Interfaith cooperation has a history – and a future!
  • We need both a global and a local bold stance, showing true love and forgiveness.
  • Advocating for just wages and employing remedies for other injustices are concrete ways we continue his legacy.
  • We can collaborate with other, larger organizations who share our same values but have a bigger reach.
  • We must find points of intersectional justice – war, economics, etc. – to bring about a just world.
  • Employ the whole community to collaborate and handle the logistics of these big efforts. Each person has their own gift to bring to the fight for justice and equality. With many hands, we can plan far in advance and have a larger impact.
  • Social justice of the human spirit – everyone desires to be free and treated with love and respect. Everyone has a right to have their basic human needs met. It is the natural inclination of the human spirit to ensure that all needs are met. By embracing these beliefs, we continue the legacy of Dr. King.


The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King started a movement that has truly transformed our American society, as evidenced by the room full of people of all colors and faiths, embraced in energetic and positive dialog today. We invite all to join us at Interfaith Tampa Bay as we grow in friendship and pool our energies to meet the challenges of justice in this age.


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